Hi! It’s Sabrina & Wes. We live, work and travel (in that order) full-time in our Jeep Wrangler! So far, we’ve traveled all over North America and visited dozens of National Parks! You Me & The Jeep is our business and travel blog, and provides us a medium to share our adventures, and connect with other nomads traveling the world.

Crater Lake National Park

One day, we woke up in our apartment and thought, “We are tired of being distracted by mundane routine”. So, we aptly rose from bed and bought a 2011 Jeep Wrangler. The very next day, we set off to travel the world… kinda…

Becoming Nomads

Before diving in, head first to the nomad life, we evaluated the type of lifestyle we wanted. Though the years, we’ve flirted with travel, visiting most countries in Europe, Cuba, Nicaragua, and most of North America, we researched for months for the next-step and the type of travel that will work best for us. This is what we found…

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  1. Only keep things in our life that bring happiness, joy and add value. We no longer wanted to store ‘stuff’ in closets, and didn’t want to hold onto things that we’ll never use.
  2. Travel in a self-sufficient way. We want to minimize planning, and rely on little outside of what we can cary.
  3. We need to live, work and travel in that order. In order to travel, we need to work, in order to work, we need to be in good health. Knowing these priorities will dictate our pace, direction and lifestyle.

Table in the jeep so we can work and drive!

Nomad Life

Theres a ton of ways to live, work and travel… Some fly to a new city each month living out of a backpack, others live in boats and sail to different marinas. We thought a lot about how we want our day to day lifestyle to function. What we came up with was a converted Jeep Wrangler Unlimited with a rooftop tent! The jeep was perfect for us. It has the right balance of ‘go anywhere off-roading capabilities’ while having all the room we need to live.

It took us 10 months for us to convert and build up the jeep into v1 of a livable vehicle. From research, attending Overland Expo, trial trips, and a lot of elbow grease, we put a lot of time to turn the jeep into our home. Although v1 was a great start, we’re still constantly making improvements to fix annoyances, and improve our day-to-day life.

Our home <3

The Journey

The best part about our lifestyle is the flexibility it affords. We’ve had tough times and challenges, but the flexibility of being nomads has allowed us to improve our careers, make new friends all over the world, and overall become better global citizens.

Moving forward we have loosely planned routes, but our focus is on the journey. The natural beauty the world offers, cultures to understand and making new friends along the way. We hope you follow our adventures, but more importantly join us. We’re always looking for new friends to travel with, so reach out and let’s go!

Death Valley National Park